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New Kitty + Old Kitty

I've read a few articles on here about bringing home and introducing a new kitten into a house that already has a cat. I've got my new kitten in the spare bedroom. Yesterday was stressful, as gizmo (my 1 year old) was Not Happy over the intruder. He'd growl and hiss over her smell on me, and the couple times he slipped into the bedroom before I could catch him, he paced around her crate (she's set up in a large dog crate with food, litterbox and toys) growling and hissing. however, this morning, he's been much calmer. No growling when I came out of the room after having played with her. I let him in while she was in the crate, and he just walked around it for a bit watching her sleep. so my question is this: is this real progress, Gizmo accepting the new kitten fairly quickly, or was this just a fluke? I intend to keep her separated until she's been de-wormed and had her first shots, but if this is real progress I'd like to start introducing her to the rest of the apartment as soon as we're done at the vet's.

right now, I have her in her crate but with the bedroom door open, and he's completely ignoring her.
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