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I know you said , no scrapbooking. but you dont have to exactly scrapbook per say. You could just do "albulms".
I had a load of pics one time..and what I did with them was start with ONE PERSON, and do like a biography of pictures . from the the latest.
Then I'd start with the next person..and do the same. If i had group pics, I did copies and placed it in each albulm of the person in it.
Before you know it have extremely "unique and personal " christmas presents that people will come to pass around to thier kids, and thier kids , kids..and just think ONE DAY..your great great great something or another will be looking at something you created with your own two hands.

I know someone that also had SO MANY baby pictures of her first and second born, she had them scanned (dont know where) and made into a Quilt. ...her oldest daughter just had a baby..and that quilt is hangin over her bed. Now grandma is working on the baby's Quilt.
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