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Originally Posted by DobieCrazy View Post
I have a male Doberman puppy who is 5.5 months old.
he was diagnosed with a Staph infection at 2.5 months that Cleared up with antibiotics and returned. It was mainly on his stomach and legs. They were tiny "pimple" like bumps with a yellow center. We treated again with antibiotics and it cleared up for about 2 months.
He is now 5.5 months old and has been diagnosed with another staph infection.
They now are much larger bumps (the size of a nickel) on his head, mouth,penis, legs,stomach....pretty much everywhere.
He even has some between his toes and in between his paw pads.
He was Also Diagnosed with having an ear infection at the same time.
We have taken a skin scraping and there were no Mites.

I am at a loss.
He is a young puppy and I am wondering what his outlook is as far as the Staph infections go.
are they due to an "immature" immune system (like our vet has told us) or something else.
I really don't want him to go through this every 2 months.

He is Currently on Antibiotic's (cephalaxin) and a fatty acid pill to help his Coat and skin.
y 8 year old female cocker also has suffered from staph infection over a number of years ,i have it now completely under control,I changed her diet to a grain free limited ingredients diet,bought at pet store,I washed her to to 3 days a week with betadine and aloe vera shampoo,any sores on her tummy I APPLIED A PRESCRIPTION CORTISONE CREAM .I also added fish oil to her diet.She had been on antibiotics continuously on and off ,as soon as i discontinued it would come back.I GOT STAPHAGE LYSATE FROM MY VET GIVING HER SHOTS AND STEPPING UP THE DOSE EACH TIME,IT CLEARED UP IMMEDIATELY. Hooray and has not come back,try these steps and I promise you it works.
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