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A few Q's on Raw

Hi all,

I have a 3 month old kitten who is thriving on her raw diet (store bought). However, she seems to only really enjoy chicken and turkey. Being the cheapest of the raw meats, its great for my pocket, but is it great for her nutrition?, as cheapest is often less healthy? Do I need to get her supplements?

My other question, we are getting a 9 week old Boston Terrier today! Of course we are going with raw for him also, but I'm curious as some recipes for raw online are ok for both cats and dogs, yet the commercial raw has different percentages. Can I buy the commercial for dog and feed it to both kitten and puppy?

Last question.... how much would I save to invest in a grinder and mini freezer and make my own? And if I make my own can I make it suitable for both? or will I still need to make two separate batches?

As for the commercial raw I buy, the cat food is 90% meat and 10% veggie and the dog raw is 75% meat and 25% veggie.

Thank You!
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