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Thanks for the reply Ruby.

I pushed on the spots and they stay red when I push them.

Some ideas: I use Tide Free & Clear detergent and Seventh Generation "Natural" Fabric Softener with Eucalyptus and Lavender Essential Oils. She lays on wool blankets which are on memory foam. I haven't shampooed the carpets since last fall. She loves to lay on the lawn. I spray around the house including dog beds once or twice a week Rocky Mountain Soap Company Home Refresh Mist in Ylang Ylang scent "100% natural". I have bathed her 3 times with Earth Bath Mango Tango, but she hasn't been bathed in at least 2 weeks now.

The only things that Roxy is in heavy contact with daily are her beds and the lawn. She doesn't really lay on the carpets. As the weather is colder she is laying on her beds more now rather than being outside all day. The one she lays on the most isn't wool, but she just started sleeping on wool at night about 2 weeks ago. I will see what the vet says, but maybe I will try removing the wool.

I hope it isn't her food because I have been sticking to Champion Foods with her, and just ordered 3-30lb bags of Acana Wild Prairie grain-free. If it is the food then switching between the different Champion foods is probably not going to solve the issue. I switched away from Orijen in search of a lower protein diet. I tried the Acana Adult for one bag, and decided I am not comfortable feeding grains. Roxy got a lot worse in this time, but there were other things (like more wool) going on too. Roxy also gets 2500mg Wild Salmon Oil daily, and a dollop of plain yogurt. She gets Tripett for a week here and there which is how long it takes to go through a can.

Roxy has nasty, nasty gas the last couple days.
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