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Exclamation Wait a minute!

You know, people who are treating others like they are dumb....duh just get your cat spayed, you are not being productive. I have had my cat spayed TWICE first at 6 months, which was botched and again at a year (at which point they removed the uterus and the ovary they though was causing her cycle to vet!) And yet my cat is in heat tonight, as she is every 6 months, so I do what any of us forum users would do and I google it. What comes up? A TEN year old thread that JUST MIGHT offer me some help and support, from CAT PEOPLE which I am not, I tend to prefer dogs and horses but I love my little Skittle. I do appreciate the comments about the pressure points and will try that after I finish here. I rarely sign up and post on random forums but this one ticked me off.

If you are so pro-spay and pro-neuter (as I am) a more effective approach may be to kindly educate people, not treat them like they are stupid, you don't know who is looking for HELP nor do you understand every situation.
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