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How long can my cat go without using the litterbox?!

Hi all,

I just adopted a new cat, Lou, who is 7 years old and male. Initially I put the litterbox on the first floor just to get him used to the house and all. He did use it normally for the first week. However, yesterday, I decided to move the litterbox to the basement b/c that's where I ultimately want to keep his litterbox, not on the first floor. He hasn't gone to the basement much b/c I don't hang out there and there are noisy radiators down there. However, I did coax him to come down and showed him the litterbox (he sniffed briefly at it) and I've even been leaving the lights on down there at all times. But he hasn't used it at all ever since yesterday morning (over 30 hrs now)! How long should I keep waiting to see if he will go use it before bringing the litterbox back up to the first floor? I haven't seen any droppings (pee or poop) elsewhere in the house, thankfully, so I think it's just that he isn't going. Otherwise he seems fine, is still eating and drinking and being pretty affectionate most of the time.

Any advice would be appreciated ASAP!! Thanks!
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