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Thanks everyone for the support and good wishes. Raggs seems a bit better in the last day or so. We have had a very hectic week that has really upset our routine and he is definitely objecting to it. The foot stomping is so funny but no matter what I say to him he continues to grin and stomp that ol foot LOL.

We haven't had TV time for awhile now because of my back. He used to show his displeasure with me if I didn't do what he wanted by going to the other end of the room and turning his back on me. Now because I go to bed early to lie flat, that is when we have treat time. He now leaves the room completely and if I follow him, I find him in the living room with his back toward me. He can be hilarious at these times because I now call him and tell him how silly he is sometimes singing to him "oh where oh where has my little dog gone, oh where oh where can Raggs be...." then I change the words of the rest of the song to whatever pops in my head at that time and he usually responds by snorting and eventually moving to my doorway and finally into the room to get his treats. While this is going on the cats are usually all on the bed and Smokey usually runs back and forth between Raggs and my room. It is quite the scene LOL.

Anyway he seems to still be enjoying life and appears painfree. One of his rescuers contacted me last week and asked if she could come to visit him next weekend. I am not sure I'll be available yet but I plan to set something up as soon as I know. She is very anxious to see him.

Again thanks everyone from both Raggs and I. I have attached a recent picture of Raggs and Smokey
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