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I would ask for a Thyroid panel (not just a T4, but a FULL Thyroid panel) as well as the scraping. GSD's are prone to Hypothyroidism. Most vets will tell you it doesn't happen in dogs that young, but those vets are wrong. Our Malamute was diagnosed at around 8-9 months old. He didn't have a lot of the symptoms, but hair loss/thinning hair is one of them. It can also cause a lot of skin conditions. There are 2 links below. One is a video on GSD and Hypothyroidism and the other is a link to Dr. jean Dodds and Hemopet. We have blood drawn at our vet and they ship it to Hemopet in California. It costs us $180.00, but is well worth it. She is one of the leading authorities on canine immune disorders and Hypothyroidism. She not only does the thyroid panel, but she tailors the results to the age/breed of the dog. What may be in the normal range for one breed could be high/low for another breed. Good luck and let us know how he is doing!

Hemopet and Dr. Jean Dodds
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