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Puppy with thin hair

Hello, I am new to this site and looked at some of the previous posts about thinning hair. I dont think my boy Charlie fits into some of the previous discussions so I thought I would ask.

Charlie is a 10 month old black German Shepherd. I feed him taste of the wild, wellness treats, and the occasional fruits and veggies as a healthy snack. I am really conscious of what I feed him and how I take care of him. I have used the Furminator frequent use shampoo (he is a SDIT and needs to be washed often).

A few days ago he started to get a thin patch of fun on his snout right under his eye. The day it showed up he played a little too hard with a neighbor dog and I thought that he just got scratched. It has gotten bigger now and is the size of a silver dollar.

The skin is not red under and I have not seen him scratching at it at all. He has an appointment to see the Vet already in place for 2 weeks from now to have a bump removed from his neck and sent off for testing. The vet cant see me sooner because she has been out for a surgery. I dont really feel comfortable seeing someone else that doesnt know Charlie.

Seeing his age and what I feed him, should I be really concerned about this? Charlie is training to be a service dog and he is my life-line to being able to get out and about. I dont feel like it is something real serious but I am also concerned about it! Any advice or help would be great, thanks!!
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