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wAggie, that site I gave you has a whole section on raw feeding.

Basic concepts:
*Grains are an unnatural food for dogs and not only provide little nutrition, can negatively impact health greatly.
*Dogs are carnivores & meat should be the primary diet staple. Many people feed only meat/bones/animal products (green tripe, eggs & organ meats.)
*Cooking destroys enzymes necessary for building a strong dog. Raw is optimal.
*Feed a "prey model" approximate as best possible a wolf diet. Pulverised raw veggies in small amounts, & lots of meat & bones.

Some people are very strict & anal retentive about it. Some feed raw+kibble like cmt, some feed raw+cooked...I'm pretty relaxed about it & my dogs are healthy, muscular & shiny. And they LOVE their raw meat!!
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