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r0bb53, I'm so very sorry to see the diagnosis they have given him
The reason I asked about the vomit is because our youngest does the same. He has been sick since we got him at 7.5 weeks and he's now a year and a half. A lot of the symptoms you describe are very similar to our Nookie Monsters. They thought at one point he had Megaesophagus, but his vomit was foamy and not tube shaped. Thank goodness it wasn't ME. I hope they are wrong and you can figure out what's going on so your boy can make a full recovery. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

MaxaLisa, I'm so sorry about Max as well. I didn't know you were going through so much with him. If he does have the mild form, can it be chronic like that? Everything I read said it usually runs it's course in a matter of days up to a few weeks? If it's possible that it can last years, I would be tempted to have Nookie tested. It sounds SO familiar, but to a lesser degree of the symptoms. I hope you get things figured out with Max as well
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