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Originally Posted by r0bb53 View Post
timber was brought back to the hospital this morning. no signs of improvement. we needed to get him hydrated and he wasnt drinking on his own. they put him on prednisone with an IV in him. still waiting for biopsy. although his mood did seem to improve slightly. he was excited when his leash was put on him and seemed to have maybe a bit more energy
Any update? What did they biopsy?

I forgot to add, that pred is part of Max's treatment, partly because he has low resting cortisol. If there is infection, with Max, I really worry about the pred. Because I am also using the antibiotic doxycycline (which has anti-inflammatory action), I have been able to keep the pred low, at most 10 mg per day, now at 5 mg per day, and I hope to wean him down further to help fight the infection and toxins. It's very difficult to balance infection and inflammation. I'm currently experimenting with Yucca, it's supposed to help with colitis, and also help with endotoxins. I have some reading to do on the endotoxins to put a plan together for that.

eta: As a note, I noticed in some of the readings they look to make sure that all the things that block acetylcholine are not causing this. Unfortunately, both cipro and doxy inhibit acetylcholine. I haven't figured out where this fits in, or if it does. Tough balancing the good things these drugs can do, with the bad
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