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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
MaxaLisa, what a scary (and heartbreaking) disease
The second link with the story of the little boy brought tears to my eyes.
You think your dog may have this??
I think that Max has a very mild version of this.

According to the internal medicine specialist, he thinks that Max probably has a systemic infection of probably a pathogenic form of e. coli. It has caused systemic inflammation.

His heart has become undersized because it is not getting enough blood to it, thought to be because his veins are too dilated from the inflammation - some weird combination of the bacteria and the endotoxins that are being emitted. There are other changes in his pulmonary vasculature.

His digestive process had almost stopped....stomach very inflamed, very few bowel movements, no bowel sounds, funny noises in his esophagus. He has gone from always urinating, to almost never urinating.

His hormonal system and neurotransmitters are all out of wack.

Max has been on antibiotics that I have had him on for quite some time (long history there, starting with a perianal fistula). I've been playing with the abx myself, since the vets kept telling me it was all autoimmune. FINALLY, when I hooked up with the internal medicine guy, he was the one that put all the weird test results together. We don't have a definitive positive on infection though. Unfortunately, I didn't have him on the right antibitiocs for whatever this bug is, or I haven't fought the endotoxins, or something.

Currently we've had Max on cipro, doxycycline, and amoxicillin. He's been getting vitamin C infusions for the last couple of months. I grind his food, and have him on a variety of herbal supports. The digestive stuff was helped with the grinding of the food, digestive enzymes, probiotics, chlorophyll, coconut oil, zantac, and carafate. I recently added some Honest Kitchen's Perfect Form, and that really does help, except the ingredients are diuretics, which aren't good for his veins. I just ordered a motility drug that they use overseas, through an overseas pharmacy - haven't decided if I will try it, but I might need to. I think when the digestive system gets backed up, the problem is even worse and becomes a downward spiral.

That's just a snapshot of some of the support I'm giving him, but I fear that we are on our last hurrah here, though I'm hoping I am wrong. If he makes it, it's only because he's been on abx for years for something somewhat unrelated.


About a year ago (1 year and 1 day to be exact), my girl died of some mystery disease induced by infection, in a rather tragic way. It's so very difficult, and so very unfair.

I will be hoping that Timber beats this, he is such a handsome boy.

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