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Originally Posted by Myka View Post
Is Jarrah a dog? That started producing milk? That's too funny!
Jarrah is probably in a thread about our new dog, Zara, Myka. We changed her name. Whenever I needed to call her in a hurry I couldn't think of it, Zara I mean, and I don't like it as a name for a big tough cattle dog anyway. It's even worse than the one we were given named 'Cuddles".

I'll dredge up a very old photo of one of my cattle dogs with her adopted black and white lamb, it's worth a laugh. She was not allowed to feed it but the photo shows they both thought they wanted that. LOL. This girl, Shady, would only need to spend an evening in the company of a baby pup and she'd make milk, and another one, when I was babysitting two Collie pups for a friend, walked into the room, took one look at them and retired to a corner to try and make a nest . She even had a look under her tail to see if she had miraculously produced a puppy. She had the rather appropriate name of Sweetie. One day a baby duckling came out of the grass to her and she didn't touch it, and harking back to Shady, one night a possum fell on her from a pipe that ran overhead. It landed on her big broad back, then slowly slid down her side, clutching at her coat as it went, and all she did was turn her head to watch it. So, what I'm saying, the clucky ones are the very gentle ones in so many ways, yet at the same time can be hard biting workers, and excellent guard dogs. Shady was a bit wicked actually, she did put the wind up a couple of visitors.
The lambs have now been banished to a horse yard that has grass in it seeing they do tend to get right under your feet as you try and walk, the dogs are going to miss them. Each time I get a weak lamb like Wrinkles I say to myself I will never try and rear another like it, but of course the next time what choice do you have, you have to give it a go. Heartbreaking though.
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