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weelcome to the board...I had to google epidermal collarettes but I was in shock when I googled the image of it. My boy Winston had these sores on his body from the time he was apup to to approx 4 or 5 yrs old. We treated him with everything under the sun and no vet ever really knew what the problem was or why? We used alot of prednisone which would always take it away imediately but the underlying condition would always come back. He was on vet prescribed food for all of those years.

One day I entered into a food discussion with someone which led me to a food change. I purchased Origen because I was looking for something that was almost raw but in a kibble form. We noticed a huge improvement and it was immediate. The epidermal collarettes (sores) went away and they never returned. Everything improved from making that change.

Have you considered a different food program? I like the Orijen because it is 80% meat 20% fruits and veggies and no grain, no by products. It is human grade ingrediants as well.
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