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Originally Posted by jaroberts View Post
......I have recently started him on Kelp, once a day and will be starting to give him Fish Oil next week.

My questions are; could this be just a really bad seasonal allergy that we're going to have to deal with every spring and fall?

OR, could he still possibly have a food allergy? If he did have a food allergy, I would think that he would get consistantly worse, which is not the case.
I definitely agree on the thyroid panel, but you need to take him off of kelp for awhile, otherwise it won't be accurate - it will be falsely elevated.

He could have a food allergy.....that gets worse when an environmental allergy acts up.

If he got better on the antibiotic, it might just be that the infection hasn't resolved.

Here are before and after pictures of what antibiotics (ceph, twice a day for 21 days) and a food change did for one dog:
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