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Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this. I'm glad they're getting him in quickly though. I'm at a loss for words right now. Other than bad ones... You are all in my thoughts and prayers for the best possible outcome on Monday.

Thank you, DD
Our vets are wonderful. Even if they're booked solid, they make time for both Thorin and Nookie. I noticed the lumps late Thursday night and called first thing yesterday morning. She said at first they were booked until next week and asked what was wrong. As soon as I told her, she made me an appt. and said to bring him in right away.

Of course it's great that Nookie gained weight! Way to go Nookie Monster!

I'm so happy that he gained this time! We are going to replace the barley with brown rice and see if he tolerates that better, and if it will give him enough carbs to put the weight on like the barley has. Here's hoping

I'm fortunate that my two will let me sleep in on weekends, however, that now entails taking them for a walk at 6 or so and then going back to bed. If Shadow hasn't had a poop on the floor by then I'm afraid to wait much longer. She doesn't like going in the yard, she likes going "outside" the yard for his business - how lucky am I?? She grew up in a townhouse where we always had to go walk, so it's just her habit.
That sounds just like Thorin!! He doesn't like to poop in "his" yard lol. He's also very private and has to lift his leg and poop "on" something. He's a little confused
The best was a pine tree, and the needles must have poked him in a very "delicate" area because he gave a bit of a yelp, tucked his tail and ran from the tree! Shaun and I both were in stitches... poor boy! He's never lifted his leg on another pine.

I'm glad they let you sleep in! I really wish Nookie would let us, even 1 day a week! I don't know where Nookie picked this up, but he has a very "unique" way of making me get up. He only started this a few weeks ago... I'm a side sleeper. He will sit beside the bed and cry until I open my eyes and look at him. If I ignore him, he will paw at the mattress. If I continue to ignore him he will jump on the bed and lay right on top of me!! He will lay with his chest up by my shoulders, his tummy on mine and just completely drape himself on me, full weight (it's these times I'm thinking it's a good thing he's not 110 lbs anymore!). If I continue to ignore him, he paws at my head until I get up
He's definitely a pup.
Shaun just laughs and say's "Better you than me"
I don't know why he doesn't do it to Shaun lol
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