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Originally Posted by breeze View Post
we had to stop weighing bree, I just didn't want to get upset everytime.. as long as I knew she was getting enough calories, and vitamines and she was eating,and her poops weren't bad and she had energy, that is all that mattered.. (in your case no seizures) it doesn't matter if he's under weight or a little over weight, unless it matters for the herbs and meds??
I was told sometimes when a dog has so many medical issues they don't always weight what they are suppose to weigh
Bree was suppose to be 100-120lbs dog lol lol lol ya right!!!
Dr. Marsden wants us to bring him in once a week to make sure he isn't losing at a faster rate. His herbs aren't weight related so much as his thyroid med. We have to be careful that he doesn't get too much or he can become hyperthyroid.
I would have thought Bree weighed around 100lbs, at least!! She looks so big, furry and just gorgeous!! I really am sorry you have had so many issues with her too. It's heart breaking to watch them going through the bad "spells", but worth it when they turn that corner

Originally Posted by Dog Dancer View Post
Isn't it great the things that make us happy! Solid poop! Since Shadow doesn't have much bowel control lately that's a HUGE thing for us

I can feel (and see) all of Shadow's hip bones and spine now. I hate that her bones are protruding like that, her tummy isn't skinny though. She loves to sleep on the bare floor at night and it has to hurt her hips. I have to resist the urge to make her move constantly, but that's where she goes right back to sooooo....

Hope all the other furries are doing better today.
DD, I feel for you. Both Thorin and Nookie have had a few accidents this last week. And since they both sleep in our bedroom so we can hear if anything is wrong, that's where the messes are made. Unfortunately, when they have their accidents, it's never a solid poop lol
I think Thorin is having a bout of colitis (I'm praying it isn't pancreatitis) and left a trail all across the room last night, and Nookie the same thing a couple of nights ago. One of them puked at around 3 this morning. I think it was Nookie because it looked like there was barley in it, so I think we will have to stop the barley and maybe try quinoa (as pbpatti suggested). We will have to rip out all the carpeting, which is ok because I hate carpet anyway. It just makes for a rude awakening very tiring when it's 3 nights in one week lol
We are also heading to the vet today with Thorin. I found a couple of lumps on him last night
One is right between his should blades and the other is on the back of his neck. I called and they said to bring him in for needle aspirations right away. I'm praying they are benign

As for poor Shadow, I think the same when Nookie lays on the hardwood or tile. It doesn't look like it could possibly be comfy, yet he insists on sleeping there

Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
It wasn't bad taste, I just laughed out loud when I read it. Very funny, and I have some inkling of how you can think that way at times. When I was taking Tammy in repeatedly to get her support casts replaced I even wondered if I had a problem, You've been through so much more with poor Nookie, Robyn, he's just a poor sick boy that needed an like you in his life. Imagine if you hadn't been there for him. Sorry he's losing weight, your talk of bones showing made me think of a Dobe I once heard about, it had Diabetes mellitus and someone even reported her to the RSPCA for neglecting the dog, when it was of course getting proper care, just very thin due to that complaint. Hope you get on top of this problem Nookie has though, as you have all his others.
I'm glad you saw the humor in it, GF! Anyone who knows hubby and I would know differently
We just seem to have really bad luck
Well, or good luck... depending on how you look at it! We could have lost them both long ago, but we didn't. So I think I would say we were actually fortunate

Though I'm really becoming worried about Thorin. He's had a nasty bout of colitis the last couple of days and now I found the 2 lumps on his back and neck. He is still very bright, alert and happy and has a huge appetite, so who knows. As for Nookie, I'm going to insist on another TLI for the EPI if he is still losing. But you mentioned Diabetes Mellitus. I was actually reading a bit about that yesterday and was thinking it may not hurt to have him checked. He has everything else under the sun... why not that too?
I really hope not, but a lot of the symptoms fit.

Well, we're off to get Nookie weighed and Thorin biopsied, then back to meet here at 1 with the insurance adjuster and contractor. It's gonna be one of those days! Wish us luck. And if any of you are the 'ing type, that's always appreciated. Thanks to you all for the support
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