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Originally Posted by Chama View Post
I did realize that they won't do the shots if they think anything may be wrong
The unfortunate thing is that most vets would probably give the shots anyway, and that's NOT what should happen. Please don't let them, for a couple of reasons: one is that your dog needs to have a properly functioning immune system to build enough antibodies in defence of the vaccine "assault", otherwise the whole point of vaccinating is lost. The other reason, even more crucial, is that if your dog is already suffering from an illness, he needs all of his resources to deal with it. Introducing another challenge to his immune system could push it over the edge into a life threatening situation. One of my cats almost died because he was vaccinated when he was first getting sick with diabetes. I took him in for a check-up because he'd been drinking/peeing more than usual, and the vet talked me into vaccinating him since it had been a few years. Within 24 hrs I had to rush him to emergency. He had developed ketoacidosis and spent the next week in intensive care, fighting for his life. Required a feeding tube for 3 months after that. Needless to say, I don't take the warning label on the vaccine vial lightly, even if vets do.
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