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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
LoL patti, no need for you to be sorry, I'm the one that said it! Bad taste on my part
It wasn't bad taste, I just laughed out loud when I read it. Very funny, and I have some inkling of how you can think that way at times. When I was taking Tammy in repeatedly to get her support casts replaced I even wondered if I had a problem, You've been through so much more with poor Nookie, Robyn, he's just a poor sick boy that needed an like you in his life. Imagine if you hadn't been there for him. Sorry he's losing weight, your talk of bones showing made me think of a Dobe I once heard about, it had Diabetes mellitus and someone even reported her to the RSPCA for neglecting the dog, when it was of course getting proper care, just very thin due to that complaint. Hope you get on top of this problem Nookie has though, as you have all his others.
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