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Originally Posted by Titansmall View Post
Thanks Winston, I 'll see if i can find that book. Rgeurts Malamuts are gorgeous animals. Brother inlaw had a Malamute and he was a wonderful dog, he unfortunatly had a stroke at 7 and did not last long after that. I hope your boys issues resolve themselves.
I had been given a 3month to a 2 year life window for my buddy, so I started doing what I could as soon as I found out. I actually just heard back from a meat packer that will sell me chicken gizzerds and liver as well as any other quality left over meat for quite cheap( just got 34 pounds of chicken and 8 pounds of chicken liver for $45, the owner has a Shep so he was simpathetic). The packers sell alot to local breaders so I am hoping much of our meat can come from there.
Taking him in in a week to redo blood work and urine in hopes his # have leveled out. Also found out my $50 dollar a month insurance won't cover anything with his liver. Word to the wise double check everything. They won't cover him because we had a urine test done, before he went on insurance, when he was neuterd(came back -). Not sure how that works but I am canceling it after I get his teeth cleaned. Thanks for the replies Titan
My heart breaks for you. I hope you can find a way to keep your guy around, and happy, as long as possible. When they give you a timeline, it's only a "best" guess from what we've learned. We were told to put our baby, Nanook, down when he was just under 3 months old. We refused to give up because he wasn't giving up. We almost lost him on a few different occasions due several issues ranging from meningoencephalitis to aspiration pneumonia, to internal bleeding from all the medications etc. He was having grand mal seizures every 2-4 weeks (a couple were only a week apart), and when he had to have a blood transfusion last Oct., we were told he was at the end of his disease and he wouldn't be with us much longer. Without going in to a lot of detail, a wonderful lady here on the board got us in touch with Dr. Jean Dodds, who spoke with a colleague of hers here in Edmonton. He is a brilliant man, and from what I know of him, one of the worlds leading holistic veternarians. He gave us our puppy. I used to think holistic care was "hokey", but I'm now a believer!! Our baby still has issues, and always will. We have no idea when or if things will take a turn for the worse, but he gave us a full, happy year with our "doomed" boy. I would try the holistic route if there are any in your area.

My husband and I just adore Malamutes. They're beautiful, funny and so sweet
Our old boy is Thorin. He's 12, sable in color and just finished his last chemo treament for Malignant Histiocytic Sarcoma. We're hoping to have at least another 6 months with him. Nanook (affectionately known as Nookie Monster) is 1.5 yrs old, light red in color and definitely a monster baby!

You got a great deal on the food. I have contacted some local butchers and the best deal I can find is their "dog food" package which is $2.25 a pound and is 40% fat/60% meat
I can buy lean ground beef which is 20/80 for $2.00 and I bought 150 lbs of wild salmon for $2.00 a lb. But those are the best deals I've gotten so far lol. Nookie is allergic to chicken and so many other things

As for the insurance, that doesn't seem like a valid reason to me. A urine test (and even a blood test) is pretty standard prior to any surgery. If it came back negative, I don't know how they can refuse you. I don't know if pet insurance is governed by the same policies as other insurance in Canada (but i don't see why it wouldn't be ). I would demand a better explanation and reason for denying the claim. If they can't give you one that will satisfy you, I would find out if they do fall under the same regulations. I'm an insurance agent here. We are very heavily regulated and have to have very valid reasons for denying a claim. And a lot of times, even if the reason is valid, we still have to pay if the client lodges a formal complaint. Here in AB it's the Superintendant of Insurance. Just a thought, and might be worth checking in to. Your boys issues could become quite costly.

Whatever happens, I will keep you both in my thoughts and 'ers. Please keep us posted and pics would be nice!!
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