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Thanks Winston, I 'll see if i can find that book. Rgeurts Malamuts are gorgeous animals. Brother inlaw had a Malamute and he was a wonderful dog, he unfortunatly had a stroke at 7 and did not last long after that. I hope your boys issues resolve themselves.
I had been given a 3month to a 2 year life window for my buddy, so I started doing what I could as soon as I found out. I actually just heard back from a meat packer that will sell me chicken gizzerds and liver as well as any other quality left over meat for quite cheap( just got 34 pounds of chicken and 8 pounds of chicken liver for $45, the owner has a Shep so he was simpathetic). The packers sell alot to local breaders so I am hoping much of our meat can come from there.
Taking him in in a week to redo blood work and urine in hopes his # have leveled out. Also found out my $50 dollar a month insurance won't cover anything with his liver. Word to the wise double check everything. They won't cover him because we had a urine test done, before he went on insurance, when he was neuterd(came back -). Not sure how that works but I am canceling it after I get his teeth cleaned. Thanks for the replies Titan
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