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Hi and welcome to the board! This may be a longshot, but have they done a thyroid panel? Not just a T4, but a full thyroid panel? If not, I would reccomend it. Hypothryroidism can cause skin infections/issues of all kinds, and it is very common. They say that dogs usually devlope it at 2 yrs and older, but our little guy was diagnosed at about 10 months. He still has some skin issues and once in awhile he will have "eruptions", but since he has been on thyroid treatment, he is SO much better! He still gets itchy, but we think he may have food and enviromental allergies as well. But as far as the sore, he hasn't had any in months

The good thing is Hypothyroidism is very easy to treat, and very inexpensive. It costs us about $25 a month. And the sympoms will go away between 4-6 weeks. Our boy took about 4 weeks. I did a little checking and Labs are genetically predisposed to Hypothyroidism. Please check out the link below, it's to Hemopet. Dr. Jean Dodds is amazing. She doesn't just complete the panel and send the results. She actually tailors the results to the age and breed of the dog. Some dogs who show as low, are actually normal for the breed and vice versa. Most vets aren't aware of that, or labs. She has spent her life researching breed specific issues and immune disorders
It costs us $180 to go to our vet, have them draw the blood and send it off to her. I hope you find the source of the issues, and hopefully it's thyroid related as that is an easy (and cheap!)fix. Please let us know the outcome
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