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Based on my breeder's recommendation, I have my little guy on a mix of raw and dry. I have had him on the Royal Canin Nature's Recipe Puppy food. He looks phenominal! Even the vet has commented that whatever I am doing (even though she is not convinced by the raw diet thing - I disagree with her) I should simply continue whatever it is since he is so healthy! (I would attach a photo if my father would ever send me copies of the digial photos that he took on his camera at Christmas as promised.....)

The reason I started him on the Royal Canin as opposed to the other foods is that it was the only natural food that I could find that had a puppy formula. I know that there are those out there that will say that "puppy" formula is a way of developing consumer loyalty, but I guess I am a little old school that way and believe in the extra calories and calcium. In any event, once he is over a year, I may reconsider what brand of dry food I feed him and change to one of the other high quality dry foods. As it stands now he is doing great on the Royal Canin and raw mix.

Hope this helps!

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