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Staph Infection!

I have a 1 1/2 year old Chocolate Lab, named Brodee. When I first resued him from the local SPCA, we had noticed that he was beginning to lose hair on his lower back legs, a little under his thighs. The SPCA had done multiple skin scrapings for demodectic mange, and all had come back negative.

Once he belonged to me, we skin scraped him at least 2 more times, both for sarcoptic and demodectic mange, both were negative. We moved him onto a hypo-allergenic food, z/d that is a prescription food from Hill's Prescription Diets. We saw no improvement, and ruled out food allergies for the time being. Eventually, we decided to begin dipping him in Lyme Sulfur, the treatment for Sarcoptic mange. It was successful, and he improved greatly with his hair gorwn back.

Around the spring of 2011, I began to notice him itching like crazy once more, and he began to form epidermal collarettes just behind his lungs on the side of his body and on his belly, by his privates and nowhere else. Immediately, we put him on Cephalexin, as treatment for the staph infection.. come mid june through early august he improved, his hair grew back once more and he seemed more comfortable.

Now once mid-August hit, he is loaded with epidermal collarettes once again, and now they have spread from his sides and belly to his lower legs, chest, and partly on his back. Back in August, we started him on the Staph-Lysase injections, twice a week, and we have dipped him for sarcoptic mange twice, just in case. He was unresponsive to the Lyme-Sulfur dips, so we discontinued them. We have sent a culture of the epidermal collarettes to the lab, which came back "no growth." I have recently started him on Kelp, once a day and will be starting to give him Fish Oil next week.

My questions are; could this be just a really bad seasonal allergy that we're going to have to deal with every spring and fall?

OR, could he still possibly have a food allergy? If he did have a food allergy, I would think that he would get consistantly worse, which is not the case.
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