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She's the only vet in the area! She started out having scrapings down which showed demodex mange, and gave me some shampoo that was black, and smelt bad! After about a month she had another scraping which showed 2 mites in the result! The vet said this was normal, and that I no longer needed to treat her! within days the sores increased, hair fell out, , scratching, and chewing got intensified! A return visit to the vet has told it's allergies, and was prescribed Prednisone! After about 4 months of this drug, vomiting, diareah, and a zombie like dog now almost completely bald I'd had enough! Return to the vet, paid 400 for an allergy test, results were allergies to 32 things! After 2 years of allergy desensatization shots with no results I desided to do things my way! Switched her to a veggy, and fish diet! After only 3 weeks the sores were gone yet the scratching remained! Oddly enough the allergy test states that she is most allergic to mixed fish! Funny how fish made her better no? Anyways, Returned to the vet asking questions! She prescribed Revolution, and after 2 months of this, plus her sores returned I asked about Ivermectin! She says it rarely works, and she refused to do it saying it could be lethal! So all this brings me to here! Hope this clarifies things! Is the dosage 1/10th cc for every 10lbs of dog weight?
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