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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
According to the vets, he should weight between 95-100 to be in the optimal range, so 110 was a bit overweight (he was quite chubby lol). But he does look malnourished, so I think they are right. He's 10-15 underweight right now. When he lays down you can see his pelvic bones really sticking out and when he's running/playing you can see his ribs. You can also feel his spine and count every little ridge. But he's acting fine (well... as fine as he ever is! ).

I always said and felt that if you shaved Bree they would report me for not taking care of Bree, you could feel her ribs and count all the vertebra in her back, you could also feel her hips bones, it was very sad!!!!

Nookie doesn't get cookies either unless I make them. I have been making him salmon cookies with wild pink salmon, oat flour and whole oats (both wheat free), eggs with the shells on, fresh ground organic flax and organic parsley. He LOVES them and seems to tolerate them well. As for the enzyme, I checked it out and it looks good. I'm going to talk to Dr. Marsden about it! Though I still don't know if that's the problem because his poops are great right now (except for volume!). Did Bree still have good poops when she was having digestion issues?
sometimes, and sometimes blood, or just a mess!! we would jump for joy when her poop was solid
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