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Originally Posted by Titansmall View Post
Thanks winston,
We are also looking for cheap tips on home made diet.
I read your thread a couple of times, hoping that you got info from someone. My boys have a lot of issues, but not kidney issues, at least not right now. Our older boy gets infections and bladder stones but they have told us if he has any failure, it won't show on the blood tests until it reaches a certain point

As for the home cooked diet... I don't know of any cheap options. Both of mine are fed home cooked and it costs us between $450-$500 a month, depending on the type/cost of the meat. We have a 12 yr old Alaskan Malamute/GSDx and a 1.5 yr old "Giant" Malamute (he's actually a mini Malamute thanks to irresponsible breeders who think Giant Malamutes are "cool" as well as the uneducated people who want them). I hope you get some answers for your boy. Please let us know how he is doing. You will both be in my thoughts and 'ers
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