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Bree has been a sick pup 3 1/2-4 years out of her 5 years, I don't talk about it much I understand what you are all going through and my heart goes out to each and everyone of you's)

this is the first year last fall to this fall that things have turned around for her (knocking on my head cause well we all know it's made of wood, and that my head is stronger than wood )

she has developed arthritis, and weepy eyes and her teeth are not the greatest, but can't do anything about them, but on most days she has more energy than me
her coat is amazing and she is now 89lbs, not to fat still feel her ribs, and her poop is solid and she eats like a horse!!!!

the enzymes we give/gave her is
NaturVet Enzymes and probiotics,

it enabled her to digest some of her kibble (kibble is a mix of kibble fish and bison). when she has a crisis (we grind up her food to a powder so that her body wouldn't have to work so hard and she gets mince meat, sweet patatos, a little chicken stock, and filtered water(all the time now) along with the reg I listed in nurtriants
this way at lest I know she is getting vitamines

now she is getting frozen strawberries as a treat, she gobbles them up, but she is only allowed one a day..
she does not get dog cookies cause she can't digest them, but she does get one people cookie every day she seems to be able to tolerate them much better

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