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Originally Posted by CoachB View Post
Pasiley was on Metronidazole (I think)...and it did NOTHING.
Okay, I'm just trying to figure out the timeline here. Paisely goes to the vet for what turns out to be a UTI in January. What meds did they give her then? Can you call and find out if you don't know? She didn't have a pooping problem until after those meds were prescribed, correct?

Then she starts pooping everywhere but the box. Is that when the vet prescribed Flagyl? Was there any diarrhea before that, or just in conjunction with the food change and Flagyl?

Originally Posted by CoachB View Post
She was also switched to Purina FE HA food- which caused the diarrhea.
This food is so wrong for an obligate carnivore for so many reasons. Hardly any meat, tons of carbohydrates and fillers, preserved with a known carcinogen (BHA). Is she still eating it, and if not, what are you feeding her now?

Originally Posted by CoachB View Post
Any other ideas?
Yes, but I need to know what Paisley is eating now and what other foods you've tried. This is most certainly a diet issue. The fact that she doesn't like wet food can and should be overcome, her life may depend on it. Not sure how you introduced wet food in the past, but there are ways to do it that I guarrantee will work with enough patience and persistence.
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