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Well it seems moms racoons come to "visit" even when they dont feed them anything, so they figured might as well feed them too.
They FISH alot, so there is always fish in the freezer , and other than honey buns...the coon family LOVES it (even like it frozen, fish popscicle anyone) they havent caused any problems thus far.
Mom has several humming feeders, and those bird block thing holders up, and they've so far (last two years) left em alone.
So..either they feed them TOO WELL and they are too fat and lazy to shimmy up poles, or they are just content with the honey buns, fresh fish and fruits, and the occasional dog treat thrown thier way.

its always so sad to see the babys get hit. I once saw a mama and her other kit standing by the road, looking , looking , looking ...waiting for the other kit to come...but it wouldnt because it was dead in the middle of the road.
we started to move the baby to the side for her...but we were afraid it would spook her and make her run into the road and get her hit herself. No telling how long she sat "waiting" for her kit to come. I cried and cried that night.
We went by a few days later and the mama and alive kit were gone. The little dead fella was still there, and the buzzards had gotten to him. I guess they have to eat too...but it does make your heart just sick.
I told hubs, if we ever see something like that again...we are gonna take the chance and move the baby to the side, so mama can check him over and realise he's gone...and move on..and not sit there for god knows how long.
More than likely she'll run the opposite direction of the road if we come towards her anyways. (i hope).
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