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Originally Posted by Rgeurts View Post
It's kinda funny... pbpatti and I were talking and she said it's a good thing she knows me personally, otherwise, Munchausen by Proxy may come to mind
why would anyone think that??? this has me confused

you are doing what you can for Nook, you know him much better than we do!!!!

before Bree turned 5 (this year) we had a very hard time keeping weight on her, (we thought we would loose her a couple of times) she also can't take any medication at all......she would eat and eat but always loose weight. The vets said it was IBD, so I started added seameal, kelp, and L glutimine to repair her bowels and a diegestive enzimes (have to go look up the name if you want it) , she was on this for 2 years, all the while she was losing weight, she went down to 60lbs at one time..but nothing we did helped... changed her food, made home cooked everything I could think of.. at one time we were giving her slippery elm, for the nurtrients and to help when she had a crisis..

then for some reason, she started to gain weight, why?? we don't know
she seems to have turned a corner but we are always on guard ,we are always very careful of what she eats. we also must make sure that she is eating enough calories for what she puts out....running and playing that sort of thing...
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