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Hi Rgeurts, thanks for asking about Shadow. She has gained 1 lb in the last ten days. That said, I think we're in the final countdown.

She had a rough night last night, not health related, but she was laying on the floor and when she went to get up (which is always difficult as she slips on the wood floors) her collar was caught to the furnace vent cover. She pulled it right out of the floor and scared the crap out of herself - not literally (yet, that came later...). After that she couldn't even stand up she was so shocked. Anyhow, a little while later I gave each of the dogs a dried duck jerky treat. While they ate that I went down to get a chicken out of the freezer. When I came back DH was kneeling in front of Shadow screaming at me to come help. She clearly had the treat stuck somewhere and was quite in distress. I pulled her mouth open and couldn't see it in her throat, so stuck my hand in her mouth, thinking I'm going to get bit here. I found the darn thing stuck to the roof of her mouth, wedged right up there. It took a minute or two to be able to pop it out as she was struggling alot. So after it was out, she proceeded to eat it of course! All in all it was a stressful night for her. I walked her twice after that, if you can call our outings a walk anymore. Half a block down the road and back, that's all she'll do. I thought it may calm her down a bit, relieve some stress.

Off to bed at 10:30 and at 1:30 I got up to go to the washroom and a minute later Shadow was behind me. I tried to lead her to the door to go out, but she didn't want to go, so back to the bedroom to find that she had pooped on the floor, hence why she didn't want to go out! Oh well, it was a quick and easy clean up and we all went back to bed. She's been much less restless at night lately, but I think it's really just because it's too hard for her to get up and move around so much now.

Long answer to how was Shadow's weight huh! Sorry... How's Nookie doing today? Any ideas about what's going on with his weight?? Big hugs back at you guys too!
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