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Originally Posted by hazelrunpack View Post
Is it possible it's just an absorption issue? His intestines just not absorbing nutrients well enough? Maybe a digestive enzyme would help?
Thank you for the thought, Hazel

We were thinking that, too. But he's on Pancrease-V already, for a little over a year now. His trypsin levels are a bit deficient, so he can't digest proteins without the porcine powder. But when he was having issues, before the EPI was under control and he lost all the weight, his stools were huge, very light in color and looked like cowpies. His stools are still very large and he goes 2-3 times a day, which would make you think that he isn't digesting as much as he should be. But his stools are a great color and look very good
Dr. Marsden thinks he's just one of those dogs that has to have the "good" grains to keep his weight stable. If that's the case, he should have gained by the time I take him in again this Friday. If not, I think I'm going to insist on another TLI (Trypsin Like Immunoreactivity) test. It's possible we may just need to increase the Pancrease-V. I just hate to do it without testing first because if we give him too much, it makes him SO sick. Wish us luck for Friday! Hopefully the addition of the oats and barley will have helped

Originally Posted by Sylvie View Post
Wow, if it's not one thing it is another for you and your guys.

Sorry nothing to add to the suggestions, to you and hubby and the furkids.
Thank you Sylvia
It's kinda funny... pbpatti and I were talking and she said it's a good thing she knows me personally, otherwise, Munchausen by Proxy may come to mind

I think with all the issues we've had, I certainly wouldn't blame anyone for thinking that, because I'm sure I would be thinking it!
How are yours doing? Has Bree made a full recovery?
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