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Originally Posted by catmomof4 View Post
Hello all!
Well hello there, catmomof4! What a lovely bunch of kitties you have, and such a fabulous tree to display them on!

Originally Posted by catmomof4 View Post
Camaro is a rescue and the only one that voids sometimes outside of the litter box and I don't know why. Any suggestions?
Could be a few things. For one, how clean do you keep the boxes? Do you scoop them at least twice a day, if not more? Are the boxes all kept in one area or do you have some in different parts of the house? Is Camaro peeing AND pooping outside the box, or just doing one or the other? And, what type of litter do you use (scented or not? clay or alternative? clumping?)?

There's some good info at this link on inappropriate elimination and how to deal with it: One important factor to consider is that it can be a medical problem (such as bladder/urinary tract issues). Male cats especially are prone to urinary tract blockages, which are life threatening. The best way to prevent that is by feeding wet food, no kibble. Some excellent info on that topic:
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