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4 cats and 4 kids..

Hello all!

I am new to owning cats. I have as you can see 4 cats and 4 kids. Kids age range is from 12 to 3.5 cat age range is 1.5 to 2.5 months. I have 2 cats that are brothers by birth, then we added camaro who is 6 months older than shadow and smokey and then we added tiger. When we got him the owner said he was ready to go but just small for his age. When we took him to the vet a week later, vet said nope about 10-12 days old! Well we nursed him like a new born, my 12 year old son carrying him around in his sweatshirt pocket all summer long and feeding him by bottle every 2 hrs! The older cats took to grooming and lovin Tiger up and now he runs with the pack!

I have 3 litter boxes, 2 without covers and 1 with a cover. Seems each cat likes things just a bit different. Camaro is a rescue and the only one that voids sometimes outside of the litter box and I don't know why. Any suggestions?
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