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I am planning on giving them a call soon, as they are interested to know how the lysine treatment is helping her. And I will let them know about this when I call, but I was curious to know if anyone had seen a symptom like this in a cat with feline herpes and if it is something I should be concerned about, or if I am being paranoid.

As far as her food goes, I am sorry I was not thorough in describing her diet. She has Purina ONE Hairball Control dry kibble available for free feeding at all times, I usually give her 2-3 meals each day of wet canned food, recently almost exclusively of the Friskies brand. I like to change the flavors and textures. I give her a healthy portion of the prime filet/savory shreds/tasty treasures twice a day with her lysine treat as she does not eat the whole thing unless I hide it in her food. She also gets some more of this, or of a pate kind when she uses the litter box appropriately, as that had previously been an issue with her. I know that dry food is not ideal for a cat, but I have also been told that only feeding the cat a few large meals can mess with the pH of their urine, predisposing them to UTI's; and lead to fatty liver disease. Additionally, she used to get one big hairball a week until we switched to this food, so I am inclined to keep feeding it to her, even if it is not her principal source of nutrition. I also know that Friskies is not the ideal brand of wet food since they do use grains and animal by-products, but it is much better than the dry food as far as protein and carbohydrates go. Besides that, she LOVES the wet food, she comes running when I open the can and meowing at me until I give it to her.
Is Friskies really that bad of a brand to be feeding her? I am on a budget, but if it is for her health, I would be willing to spring a few extra dollars.
I have used Wellness and Blue Buffalo in the past for my cat who had CRF, she would sometimes eat them, but far preferred the Whiskas fish pouch things, or a simple can of tuna (which is know is not ideal either because of salt and preservatives). I can try Wellness again with Bell, but I don't know if she will like it, and would hate to spend a lot of money on something she won't eat (I don't have a lot of opportunities to go to pet stores and would either buy a bunch in one trip, or take numerous trips).

Aside from the goopy eyes, occasional sneeze, and hard breathing while purring; Bell really is a healthy girl. She loves to play with her shoelaces, mice, and little bunny; she scratches and sleeps in her scratching post; she naps on the floor, on the sofa, in my desk chair, on my bed; she stares out the windows for hours watching the birds and squirrels; she snuggles and rubs up against me and my friends and family. I love having her, she always brightens my day, and I want to do whatever I can to make her happy and keep her healthy.
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