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4 Month old Kitten, very sick.

Hello everyone,
I have a four month old kitten and before I ask for the straight answer I'll give you some of her medical history. She was previously a barn-cat and when we first got her she had the sniffles (upper respiratory infection) got her antibiotics and it started to go away. Lots of life in the kitty when it started to go away. But then again it came back(about 2 weeks later, we had left her with her sister kitty, not alone, while we went on vacation for one week) So more antibiotics but this time her 3rd eye lids were showing so we got her eye drops as well. Now about a week ago she was slowly starting to show signs of recovery until on the weekend she had 2 very severe seizures. She would come in and out of them for hours, she couldn't hear or see, I had to hold her for about two hours in order to calm her down. We took her to the vet immediately on Monday. We have a very good vet however the only news she gave us is that the seizures would slowly become worse until she may never come out of them (euthanasia) or we could take her to a neurologist for astronomical costs. So I played it by ear, and she hasn't had a seizure for the last 7 days. Which clearly made me optimistic, however, she is getting more and more lethargic. She holds her front-left leg as if it's a wooden peg, she's constantly tripping over it and sometimes unintentionally walks on an angle. She also probably has enough energy to walk 20 feet and by then she just collapses. She is two pounds underweight, however since the seizures she has been eating much more often.

So now don't recommend taking her to the vet because that will go nowhere. What I want to know is if any of you have seen these symptoms before and have something more definitive. Because of her sluggishness I was thinking maybe an anemia so about two days ago I switched her diet to IAMS. If more of you think it maybe blood related I will certainly take her in for a blood test. Hoping one of you has an answer. Sorry for the huge paragraph.

P.S. she's been nibbling at cat litter, I watch her every time she goes to her litter box and immediately stop her from an afternoon snack (yes it is clumping litter.)

Thank you,
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