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Originally Posted by labcat View Post
she is on hairball control food because she did have hairballs before]
I think if you mention your concerns about Bell's breathing to the vet, they might help you try to figure out what's going on. I just want to talk about that food you're feeding her. I'm assuming it's kibble, as most hairball formulas are. It's also going to be way too high in grains and carbohydrates, as ALL hairball formulas are. The best thing you can do for her overall health (which will consequently improve her ability to resist diseases like the herpes virus or asthma) is to feed her a more species appropriate food, which means WET food. No kibble. There are some decent canned foods that contain higher quality animal-based protein and little to no grains: Wellness, Nature's Variety Instinct, By Nature, Merrick, Weruva, etc. Then there are balanced raw diets (homemade or commercial frozen), which are about as close to the best food you can feed your kitty. Kibble, even the most expensive "premium" brands, are just about the worst thing you can feed. Lots of good info at this site for you to find out why:
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