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He has had all kinds of blood work done and they cannot find anything seriously wrong. Last Wednesday we had him stay at the Vet hospital and they gave him intravenous liquids, pain and anti-nauseants, he came home like a new cat. He was back to his old self and eating great and running around, energetic, it was wonderful - but that lasted just for about a day, and then on Saturday he ate one last little bit in the morning and then stopped eating for the rest of the day. We took him back to the vet today where they gave him subcutaenous fluids and vitamins. The vet suggested taking him off his thyroid meds for a week to 10 days in case it is a bad reaction/side effects to the meds. He also said we should bring him back for regular fluid injections and force feed him with a syringe just to keep his immediate needs met.

The vets seem stumped. There was no indication that there was anything wrong with his kidneys or otherwise. I wish we knew what was wrong.

I can't find any info on these symptoms:

-not eating or drinking on his own
-wobbly/falling down when trying to walk
-purring regularly/fast breathing

Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.
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