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Nasal tumor/growth issues

Hi Everyone,

i found this blog because I was looking to answer questions about my own husky's symptoms and sadly I think it is similar to many of the previously mentioned problems with your beloved pets My husband and I have an 8 year old husky, Malibu, the best, most loving and fun dog you can imagine.

We've only had him for a year (we adopted him from a family friend who could no longer take care of him) and earlier this year, he started sneezing a lot and would have bad nasal drip and occasionally had blood in this nasal drip or when he sneezed, not a lot, but some. When we took him to the vet they said it was likely allergies and we'd likely need to give him benadryl. We did that and it has helped but we chalked it up to what we had heard about dogs with longer snouts having breathing issues. This is both my husband and my first dog together and I'm alarmed after reading this blog at how lightly we seemed to have taken this diagnosis. Well, last week my husband noticed a bump on Malibu's nose so we immediately took him to the vet who said instantly that it didn't look good. She said they could do bloodwork to see if it's an infection, if not is was likely a malignant growth but we'd be referred to a hospital to do a CT scan or something like that (but that even then X rays aren't conslusive). The bloodwork confirmed it's not an infection and now I'm torn with what to do. My husband is at school full time and I'm not starting work until next month and I don't know if we can afford all the tests, we definitely can't afford the radiation treatment. I'm sorry this is so long I just need to vent, I just can't stand looking at him and thinking he won't be around to meet our first kid (my husband and I just got married last year). I completely agree with everything everyone has shared about quality of life, I'd rather be sad and know he's not suffering than prolong his life just for our sake and know he's uncomfortable or miserable in any way. My question is, are there any next steps you all would recommend I take? We're calling the vet tomorrow and I'm going to ask about meds he might be able to take that can help his breathing or maybe the swelling of the tumor if that's even possible - what would you do?

My heart goes out to anyone currently dealing with this or who has dealt with it in the past It just seems unreal that things can change so suddenly and I wish there were more options for our pets.
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