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I don't know much about donkeys, Bina. The Wedge-tailed Eagle is pretty daring. My husband was once driving in his work ute and an Eagle took a magpie right beside it. There was a big puff of feathers as it hit. I'd say this lamb might have been the victim of a diving eagle too, and the wounds of the talons are what's on its back, while the bleeding wound on its neck was from it grabbing her by the neck with its beak. They're big birds so no wonder the lamb was lying as if dead, it'd be some knock. Anyway, that lamb seems good but the other lamb crashed badly on Saturday night , I got up to find it chilled to the bone, with its little gums white. However, regardless that hubby and I were positive it would die, I gave it some penicillin in case it was fighting a bacterial infection, and laid it close to the heater. Merinos aren't as tough as cross breed sheep yet little 'Wrinkles' fought back, clambering to its feet after a couple of hours. He is now wearing a Shetland Sheepdog puppy sized lambskin lined oilskin coat to keep him warm. He was in very poor condition so needs to be putting energy into gaining condition, not trying to keep warm. Photo's of him as soon as the camera's battery is charged.
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