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Oh, yes, they're wrong saying the Eagles won't go after lambs. Bird enthusiasts try to guard the Eagle's reputation by not including lambs in the diet but my friend's husband watched an Eagle attack one of their (live) lambs, and a friend in Queensland watched one going after a full grown Peacock. It's why farmers always shot them, Chico2. Such a shame and they became very scarce in this district, but they are staging a comeback now. Maybe something to do with tougher gun control. They're a protected bird incidentally. Don't know what the answer is really. That guy could have had his lambing ewes in a paddock next to his house but then if he still didn't pay more attention to them the crows, never frightened off easily, would still find sick lambs or dead ewes and their presence must alert the Eagles that there is food available. The paddock the lambs were in had a number of dead sheep in it. Anyway, this morning she's up and alert, not sucking brilliantly but she is taking the lot. I have fingers crossed for her.The other, a merino judging by all its wrinkles, is terrific, so hopefully they'll both thrive,
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