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Rescued from certain death.

A girlfriend and I were on our way home from town this afternoon when we spotted two magnificent Wedge-tailed Eagles in a paddock dining on a 'dead' lamb.

We did a U turn to get a photo, however they flew off, but we saw the poor lamb raise its head, so I shot through the fence to see what the damage was. Bite, or peck marks on the ear, neck, rump, back and it looked to be shocked perhaps, so thinking it would need antibiotics at least, we decided to take it to the farmer. The other sheep had abandonded it and were out of sight over a hill. Hardly went any distance and a smaller lamb ran off the side of the road towards the car, so grabbed that also. Couldn't raise the farmer and had to get home to feed my orphan twins, so decided to bring it back with us, then I rang the owner. Well, he doesn't want the lambs, so now I've got 4 on the bottle. Wish this little ewe lamb luck eh? She had no suck reflex to start with, just starting though.
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