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Originally Posted by Trinitie
Oh I would SO hate to be a burglar breaking into YOUR house! Turn around slowly - the heavy breathing you hear is NOT someone trying to get a date with you!

Those are some very handsome dogs! Welcome to the boards!

Thank you.

You know, you'd think a burglar wouldn't attempt to come in my home... and you'd think that if one was stupid enough, the dogs would eat him/her alive... but no. Not the case. We actually were burglarized. Six of the dogs were in the house. Not one of them did a darn thing. When they caught the guy who did it, they asked him about the dogs and he said all they did was look up from where they were laying and go back to sleep. He said one of them barked at him and he talked to her a bit and eventually she came over to him and he petted her for a while. Said she followed him room to room but that was it. <sigh> I guess I went a bit overboard on the socialization. LOL

The two who were not present were camping with me because they won't let the pet sitter in the house. I guess I should be leaving those two home from now on.
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