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If you want to talk about "bought titles" the biggest one is conformation titles IMO. Atleast in sport your dog has to be able to do something. In conformation with enough money anyone can title a dog, depending on the breed. Its stacking in your favor especially if you have a less than popular breed.
I could theoretically put all my guys in and botch grooming on who ever has their CH to put the points on the other dogs, competing with 1 of the breed does nothing to get me points but if I put all 3 in together someone will get 2 points each show and another will get 1. In no time i would have 3 Canadian Ch's.
Back on topic sorta though, this is why I was focused on getting corgi's who had herding instinct. It was what they were bred for and I am a HUGE advocate for working dogs to be able to do the job they were bred for (clearly with the exception of fighting dogs, bull baiting ect)
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