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Unhappy HELP! Our vet is stumpped !

Our 6.5 yrs old siberian husky has been very ill the past month. What started out as a mild limp in one front leg has progressed to him losing 10lbs, having severe lameness in a back leg and an on and off fever. He gets a bit better on Metronidazone, starts eating again and gains some mobility back, but as soon as he's done he crashes and is worse than before. Our vet has tested him for Addison's, Myathenia Gravis and Lyme Disease. Everything has come back negative. There is no swelling of his joints and he's had exrays and blood work. The exrays were fine and the blood work showed higher white blood count and lower magnesium. He's taking prednisone and Amoxil right now too. My heart is breaking for him and I wish we could find out what we're fighting. Any ideas from anyone, vet or otherwise would be sincerely appreciated.
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