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Recipe ... for a broken fridge?!

This really isn't the right forum for this, but it's kitchen related so I'm hoping it'll fit somehow .

I often throw the ball for the dog into the kitchen where she chases after it likes it's a squirrel and then brings it back. The other night I heard this horrible crack as she went in there and ran to find her standing there, totally normal. Everything looked to be in place and I was baffled by where it came from.

I found out last night, when I went to put some mac and cheese in the oven. She must have hit the warm oven door so hard that it cracked, all down the side.

Now I'm wondering what exactly I should do! Is it okay to cook in there even with the crack or will that make it worse?! I really, really, reallllly don't want to have to bring in someone to fix it.

Aaaaand go!
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