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Livedust, I'm glad that Clementine has turned the corner and recovering. That's great!
I don't want to hijack this thread, if I am then I'm sorry I am thinking this is about parvo, and trying to cope,so....
I brought Luna home on Monday as the i.v. was out and had begun eating (some) and drinking with no vomiting. I have been feeding her small amounts every few hours. Tuesday, to my surprise I awoke to her bark. I entered the room where her crate is to see a bright eyed pup with a wagging tail.Best start of a day I've had in quite a while. Progress has been steady. She is beginning to play some and act like a pup. I have tried to keep her calm, and resting as much as possible.

Maybe I should start a thread about recovering from Parvo as I have questions re:timeline for public places long term effects, best way to bulk her up etc.
Thank you to all for the kind thoughts and prayers.
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